Adam Roussel

Research associate (Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter) and PhD student in computational linguistics at the Department of Linguistics at the Ruhr University Bochum.


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Research Interests

Dissertation Project: Computational Analysis of Metaphor in Low-Resource Settings

This thesis revolves around two primary goals: First, an investigation into the linguistic properties that distinguish metaphorical usages from non-metaphorical ones and the formulation of quantitative descriptions of these properties. Second, the design and implementation of software to provide information to annotators and users more generally about the nature of semantic shifts that tokens undergo relative to the general usage of the words involved, especially with respect to potentially metaphorical usages.

Since this project deals with historical language variants and the phenomenon under investigation, metaphor, involves a challenging and complex annotation process, there will never be large amounts of data for us to work with. Furthermore, since the goals of this project are primarily scientific in nature, the methods employed in the project must be such that they allow us to generate new and reliable knowledge about our problem domain. Therefore, widespread and now-conventional approaches based on large neural networks are incompatible with the goals of this project. Instead, new models and algorithms will need to be developed, which are efficient in terms of the data and computational resources they require and transparent with respect to their inner workings.

Other Projects

SFB 1475, B01: Mixed-Methods Analysis of Medical Metaphorizations in Medieval German Texts

Reference Corpus of Middle High German

Reference Corpus of Early New High German

The Anselm Corpus



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